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Our friends at Blum we have conducted intensive research into the use of kitchens and best use of the volume of the kitchen cabinet.

Their research shows that ‘functional cabinets’ are the way to go. We buy a refrigerator or an oven for a specific purpose, so why shouldn’t every kitchen cabinet have a specific storage purpose?

The watchwords for base units are ‘no shelves’ – all full extension drawers and pull-outs thus achieving ‘total access’. By planning a kitchen interior along these lines you will gain up to 55% additional storage over conventional kitchens and automatically create an ergonomically efficient layout – what Blum call DYNAMIC SPACE.

So, using units like the unique SPACE CORNER and clever drawers like under-sink and pan drawers all help. Perfect runner systems like Blum’s MOVENTO runners and automatic opening systems like the Blum SERVO-DRIVE are all important considerations for new kitchens.

Blum products are found in all good kitchens. For more information on Blum products please call us on 020 8510 4000 or email us at

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