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Two functions – fascinatingly combined

TIP-ON BLUMOTION from Blum combines the advantages of the TIP-ON mechanical opening support system with reliable BLUMOTION dampening. Closure with force activates the TIP-ON function, after which point BLUMOTION ensures a silent and effortless closing.

This sophisticated motion technology can be used with box systems LEGRABOX and TANDEMBOX and also the concealed runner system MOVENTO. And the best part: the motion is assisted 100% mechanically.

Key Features:

Small front gap…
With a front gap of just 2.5 millimetres, TIP-ON BLUMOTION is also suitable for kitchens

Extensive Trigger Range…
The extensive trigger range is ensured at all times. For cabinet widths of 300 mm or higher, an optional synchronisation can be inserted to extend the trigger range.

Reliable function…
Should the pull-out ever be pulled open or pushed closed manually, TIP-ON BLUMOTION will still remain fully functional at all times.

Learn more about TIP-ON BLUMOTION at blum.com >>

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