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Make sure you have enough storage space – absolutely crucial!

More than 60% of all kitchen buyers realise they have too little storage space after they have purchased their kitchens.

Design your kitchen according to activity zones!

Take a look at the most important sequences of operations in activity zones. If you design your kitchen accordingly, you’ll have saved one whole year of work in 20 years’ time!

No doors on base units!

Don’t have doors on base units but opt for pull-outs instead. You won’t need to bend down, you’ll have an overview of contents and everything will be within easy reach. However where the design of the kitchen façade calls for doors, internal pull-outs are equally applicable.

Choose full extensions!

Full extensions that open to such an extent that you can see and access contents at the very back of the drawer will save you time and energy every day.

DYNAMIC SPACE does not set down hard and fast rules but is a highly flexible and adaptable concept that allows designers and planners to establish a perfect kitchen solution for each individual user to the significant enhancement of their enjoyment and lifestyle! Find out more at or watch the video below…

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