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When you look around a small kitchen get yourself X-Ray vision. The amount of volume inside your cabinets can often equate to the space available in the kitchen itself.

Kitchen fittings and systems offer solutions that can give you up to 55% more storage space over conventional kitchens. This can make the most compact kitchen still a pleasure to work in and exist.

There are some simple rules to bear in mind: The space available inside a cabinet is not just from front to back, it’s also from top to bottom – think volume!

Never use fixed shelves in base units – all drawers and pull-outs should move out to the user on a full extension basis so that the entire contents are both fully visible and accessible, even items at the very back. If you have high-fronted drawer units the height above the base drawer is often wasted – install an internal pull-out.

Corner units are almost always badly used. The same goes for the wasted space under a sink – sorted with the Blum under sink drawer concept.

Larder units should have close stacked internal pull-outs with gallery systems and dividers – you’ll be amazed how much more can be stored with Blum’s SPACE TOWER…

Quick tips…

Extremely important is to organize the internal space of drawers and pull-outs with inner dividing systems

Even zero-protrusion Blum hinges offer a few extra inches of width on tall cabinets which, when added up, equates to a significant amount of storage.

The most important thing to bear in mind is access and visibility so that no part of your internal space becomes “lost or forgotten”.

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